Membership of the Company

The Company is governed by a Court of Assistants comprising the Master, Upper Warden, Under Warden, Deputy Master (the immediate Past Master), twenty Assistants plus all Past Masters. The Court normally meets five times each year, each meeting being followed by a Court Dinner which Liverymen and their guests may attend. The administrative work of the Company is carried out by the Clerk.

In common with other modern Livery Companies our principal activities are pursued in support of our trades, through educational and other charities, as described elsewhere. Whilst we are a City of London Company, our trades are carried out throughout the UK, which is reflected in our membership and our charitable activities.

Whereas in former times membership of the Company was confined to active participants in the two trades, today members of the Company are drawn from a variety of occupations, both professional and business, although many have an association with the Tin Plate and Wire industries. An interest in the City of London or links with the Company’s trades are important attributes for membership.

Membership of the Company is open to both men and women. There are currently some 210 active Liverymen and 70 Freemen. Individuals desiring to be admitted to the Freedom and Livery should be introduced by a Liveryman of the Company. The application will need to be supported by two members of the Livery, one of them being a Member of the Court and is subject to attendance at an Interview Panel for scrutiny and a vote of the Court of Assistants. If you would like to enquire about becoming a member of the Company, please contact the Clerk.

On being admitted to the Freedom of the Company, the candidate is eligible to be admitted to the Freedom of the City of London, which is an essential qualification for admission as a Liveryman. There are three principal categories of candidature, based on traditional practice:

Servitude (Apprenticeship) – Apprentices must be above the age of 14 years and be apprenticed to a Liveryman of the Company for a period of no less than four years, starting before the age of 21 years.

Patrimony – The sons or daughters of Liverymen born after the Liveryman had joined the Livery may become Liverymen by Patrimony.

Redemption – This is the most usual method whereby Freemen of the City and of the Company may become Liverymen by paying a Redemption ‘Fine’ to the Company.