HMS Torbay

On 5th May 2005 at a ceremony at Armoury House in London, the Company entered into an Association with Her Majesty’s Submarine Torbay, in the presence of the then Commanding Officer, Commander Chris Groves, RN – now retired from the Navy and one of our Court Assistants. The current Commanding Officer is Commander Dan Knight O.B.E. R.N.

The object of the Association is ‘to promote and enhance the reputation and integrity of the  Company and of the Submarine by all appropriate means and to provide such mutual assistance and support for the Company and the Submarine as may be desirable and practicable’. The Company makes an annual award to the “Best Trainee” from among the submarine’s crew.

This special relationship of goodwill between the members of the Company and the crew of the submarine is particularly appropriate as the previous, fourth HMS Torbay, also a submarine, was commanded during World War II by Lt. Cdr. Tony Miers, who won the Victoria Cross for a particularly dangerous raid on Corfu harbour in 1942 and who, as Rear Admiral Sir Anthony Miers, was Master of the Company in 1984/85.